Puppy Mills - What they are & How to help!

Puppy Mills are mass breeding operations that run solely for the purpose of making a profit. In these mills, the health, happiness or well-being of the animals are of no concern. Animals are kept in terribly inhumane conditions, where they live in cramped and unsanitary quarters, virtually never leave their cages, do not receive any necessary medical care, and never get any affection or caring human interaction. They are basically just being kept alive.

Puppy Mill animals are bred and over-bred until their bodies give out and they can no longer physically produce litters. They are kept alive for one purpose only to provide puppies for profit. When the animals can no longer do their "job" because of age or illness, they are inhumanely put down, abandoned.

In addition to being sold at pet stores, mill puppies are also sold directly to the unknowing consumer through the Internet, newspaper ads and from the mill itself.

How you can help??

  • Adopt
  • Donate
  • Don't buy that puppy in the window. Most puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills.
  • Do not support pet stores that sell puppies or kittens. Instead, purchase your pet supplies from pet stores that hold adoption events.
  • Educate your friends and families about Puppy Mills and encourage them to adopt any of the thousands of animals that need a place to call home. Knowledge is our greatest weapon in fighting the war against Puppy Mills.


When you adopt from a shelter, you not only take a stand against Puppy Mills, you also help reduce pet overpopulation which often leads to senseless euthanasia. There are countless wonderful animals waiting to be a faithful friend and loyal pet in shelters. Adopting a pet from a shelter shows that you are aware of the various issues and that you care about animals.